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About Us

At Delhi Tutors, we are committed to providing top-quality education through personalized tutoring. Our services extend beyond geographical boundaries, offering both online tuition to learners in India and abroad, as well as offline one-to-one sessions at premium locations.

Subject Focus: Humanities and Fine Arts

We specialize in tuition for the following subjects:


Our expert tutors guide students through economic theories, principles, and applications. Whether it's microeconomics or macroeconomics, we cover it comprehensively.


Dive into the study of society, culture, and human behavior. Our sociology tuition explores topics like social institutions, inequality, and social change.


Aspiring psychologists benefit from our rigorous tuition. Our teachers delve into topics like behavior, cognition, and research methods.


We explore historical events, civilizations, and cultural transformations. Our goal is to make history engaging and relevant.

Political Science:

From governance to international relations, our tutors provide insights into political systems and ideologies.


Our geography tuition covers physical geography, human geography, and environmental issues.


Aspiring legal professionals can benefit from our guidance. We focus on legal concepts and case studies.


Dive into philosophical inquiries, ethics, and critical thinking with our experienced faculty.


Explore human societies, cultures, and evolution through our anthropology tuition.


We analyze literary works, enhance language skills, and foster a love for literature.

Fine Arts:

Our tutors nurture creativity in visual arts, music, dance, and theater.

Why Choose Delhi Tutors?

Expert Faculty:

Our teachers are seasoned professionals with 20+ years of experience. They understand individual learning needs and adapt their teaching methods accordingly.

Flexible Modes:

Online Tuition:

Enjoy the convenience of learning from anywhere. Our interactive online sessions maintain the same quality as face-to-face classes.

Offline Tuition (Premium Locations):

We offer one-to-one sessions at student homes in South Delhi, Lutyen's Delhi, and Posh areas of Gurugram

Customized Learning Plans:

We assess each student's strengths and areas for improvement, creating personalized study plans.

Regular progress tracking ensures continuous improvement.

Holistic Approach:

Beyond textbooks, we encourage critical thinking, creativity, and a deeper understanding of the subjects.

Join Delhi Tutors and embark on a journey of intellectual growth and artistic exploration!

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