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About Us

At Delhi Tutors, we are committed to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for science. Our tutoring services extend beyond geographical boundaries, offering both online tuition to students in India and abroad, as well as offline one-to-one sessions at select premium locations.

Subject Focus: Science

We specialize in Science tuition for the following classes and exams:

Classes 6th to 10th:

Our expert tutors guide students through the fascinating world of science. From biology to physics, chemistry to environmental science, we cover it all.

Why Choose Delhi Tutors?

Expert Faculty:

Our teachers are seasoned professionals with 20+ years of experience. They understand individual learning needs and adapt their teaching methods accordingly.

Flexible Modes:

Online Tuition:

Enjoy the convenience of learning from anywhere. Our interactive online sessions maintain the same quality as face-to-face classes.

Offline Tuition (Premium Locations):

We offer one-to-one sessions at student homes in South Delhi, Lutyen's Delhi, and Posh areas of Gurugram

Holistic Approach:

Beyond textbooks, we encourage hands-on experiments, critical analysis, and a deep understanding of scientific principles.

Join Delhi Tutors and embark on a journey of discovery, curiosity, and wonder!

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